Dayum Girl EP

In August this year our debut EP ‘Dayum Girl!’ was released on Kid Kenobi’s record label: Klub Kids….

Dayum Girl EP by surecutkids

Inspired by our love for female emcees, we decided late one night to hunt down our favourite female vocalists from around the globe and bring them back to our cosy EP. Caught in the web of our musical wit and charm were: rising US hip hop star Cheasleauen (‘Drunk In This’ and ‘Twerk’) Baltimore duo the Get Em Mamis (‘Clap For It’), Brazilian Baile Funk MC GI (‘Baralho’), Jamaican born Dancehall queen Natalie Storm (‘Dust’), and Shon B (‘Stop Hatin’) from the infamous Florida hip hop group Yo Majesty.

After months of preparation, 2.76 million emails, lost files, missing mixdowns and too many hours spent in the studio to count, this ambitious idea has finally come to life. The end result is a cross-pollination of bass-heavy genres including Dubstep, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Baile Funk, Soca, and B’more (with a bit of executive production finesse from Klub Kids label boss Kid Kenobi himself). Dayum! We hope you enjoy!

Here’s what some people had to say about it….

Too hot to handle, my Surecut kids bromance just reached epic proportions!! 5/5 - Sampology
Great release right here with some some big MCs involved, big ups on this EP! Full support! - Mat Cant (Scatterblog)
One of the best releases of the year! Freekin wicked! 5/5 - Danny T
5/5 - Shockone
Hellcats…love it! 5/5 - Ajax (Sweat It Out)
I’m a sucker for some baile funk! - Yolanda Be Cool
Awesome EP! Great work! 5/5 - Rob Pix
All class! 5/5 - Diamond Lights (Yes Yes Records)
CLAP FOR IT FUCKN BANG! This release is hype as hell! 5/5 - Dr Werewolf
These sound hot, particularly liking ‘Clap For It’ :) 5/5 - HeavyFeet
Phetsta dusbtep mix is tight – will be playing that for sure! – Dodge & Fuski
Nice one guys – big package! – NAPT
This makes me want to get drunk right now. – Oh Snap!
Phetsta shows how its done! Wicked. Like the original version too, dope. – Aquasky
Man this is some awesome shit right here! Love ALL the mixes! – Big Dope P
This promo makes me wish I kept a bottle of vodka in my desk drawer. – Deacon Rose (JJJ)