Dj Butcher scratch edit of YEAH!

Our super talented homie and rising stars Dj Butcher, scratches the living shit out of our track YEAH! and makes it his own with this edit. DAYUM!

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I’m Corrupt (Surecut Kids Trap Remix) – DCUP

Ssup Fwends? HAPPY HOLIDAYZZZZZ!!!!!!¬†We did this trap remix of Dcup’s track ‘I’m Corrupt’ for Chookie records and now it’s yours for free…..

Halloween Videooo

We look forward to Halloween every year, it’s always outta control!

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Screen Shot 2012-11-02 at 1.27.47 PM

Sleepless MPC Routine and Free Download

When Benji had this idea neither of us imagined it’d be such a pain in the ass! Glad we did it though…

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Night Games Tour Video

We’ve just finished touring our current single ‘Night Games’ which features Belle Humble (you may know her from ‘Cracks’ by Freestylers). The tour was a great success (Borat voice) and we happened to film a lot of it. Here’s two months of our lives boiled down to ten minutes…

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Neverland this Saturday!

Oh shitballs it’s on again!

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Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit, biiiiiiiiiiiiitch! We’re hitting the road again!

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now youre gone remix

Our Hilltop Hoods remix and video…

Triple J’s Unearthed has been running a contest to remix the new Hilltop Hoods song. This is our entry…

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Too Fresh – Hotel Party

Recently we bumped into Too Fresh at Sydney airport. They were both wearing the exact same getup – all black everything. Shorts, sunglasses, bags…. Sometimes Benji and i do that too. It’s always an accident and the rule is: Whoever’s house you’re nearest to when you realize, that’s the person who has to get changed. Anyway we love Too Fresh and you should too…

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Nice And Ego’s Hottest 100 video mashup


Our Melbournian buddies Nice & Ego have somehow managed to pack the entire 100 tracks from JJJ’s Hottest 100 into this video mashup. Just the thought of how much work went into this is giving me chronic anxiety. In a good, impressed way. Checkem out!

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